Document’s Checklist

Please find below the document’s checklist needed to process the loan for a pre-approval, some items may not apply directly to you.

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  • As a reminder, please provide scanned-pdf documents in as few attachments as possible (for example: do not send one attachment per tax return page) – including documents such as phone pics, jpg, images, screen shots, phone pictures format will not be accepted and will delay the process.
  • Complete, full size, clear scanned PDF pages will only be accepted. Please note many mobile devices will not allow correct downloads to personal files and a non-mobile device may need to be accessed. If documents are missing during the pre-approval process this will delay review.
  • Current turn-times are 24-48 hours after receipt of completed document’s checklist.

Download Forms

Steps: (1) Download PDF form via our Dropbox, (2) Fill out PDF & Save or Scan back to computer if printed, (3) Upload PDF using our secure “Upload Documents” link.

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Download and fill out form, scan/save then, upload to our secure portal below.

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Upload Documents

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  • 2021 & 2022 (all schedules) Tax returns. – Most recent two years (if applicable, please provide any request of tax extension)
  • 2021 & 2022 – W2; SSA Award letter (last 2 years), if applicable
  • If self-employed: need copy of business tax returns last two years (1065/K-1/ 1120S/1099). Also, profit/loss 2022 year-to-date indicating stable income (signed by you or accountant) AND two months of business bank statements.
  • Please complete the borrower’s authorization attached and return.
  • Most recent paystubs including last 30 days; if commission/bonus received and if available – please provide the last paystub in December for the past two years.
  • Most recent two months bank statement (all pages).
  • If recently employed (last 90 days) with a new company or transferred – Please provide signed/accepted offer letter.
  • Copy of driver license and passport OR social security card
  • Copy of Permanent Resident Card/Visa/Work Permit (front/back), if applicable.
  • Most recent two months (or most recent Qtr.) of investment accounts -IRA, 401K, pension, retirement accounts, etc (all pages)
  • VA borrower’s only: Please provide certificate of eligibility and DD214 form.
  • If graduated from a college/university/ Graduate school in the last 24 months, please provide school transcripts for degree
  • Have you been obligated to any loan (on financing or on title) that resulted in a foreclosure, transfer of title in lieu of foreclosure, or a judgement? If in doubt, please provide property address.
  • Have you had a foreclosure, or short sale in the past 7 years? If so, please provide property address.
  • Have you filed for Bankruptcy in the last 7 years? If so, please provide BK discharge/dismissal.
  • If divorced in the past 7 years, need a copy of marriage settlement agreement & signed final dissolution of marriage.
  • A copy of the Closing Disclosure from your recent home sale last 24 months (if applicable).
  • For ALL properties currently owned (either by mortgage financing or deed owned – no mortgage) will need the following documents: recent mortgage statement(s), homeowner/flood/wind insurance, condo HOA monthly invoice/voucher, and property tax bills.

Residence & Employment (last 24 months): You can answer these questions via email correspondence.

  • What is the address of your current residence?
  • How long have you resided there?
  • Do you pay rent directly to a landlord or management company? If yes, how much is rent and paid by check, Zelle or cash? Can 12 months of consecutive rent payments be provided?
  • If less than 24 months, will need same information to complete 24 months rental history
  • How long have you been employed at your current job?
  • What is your current position?
  • What was your start date?
  • How long have you been in this profession/industry?
  • If less than 24 months, will need same information to complete 24 months employment history

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FICO Chart:
This is a simple diagram of how the average FICO scores are allocated between consumer behaviors. For further information on your personal credit history and FICO score, please visit one of the three credit bureaus online | Equifax | Experian | Transunion | (not a 3rd party credit agency, such as Credit Karma).

What you do from today until your contract closing date:

Please read this document thoroughly to ensure that your preapproval stays accurate and up to date. What you do from today until your contract closing date could change your eligibility status for purchasing or refinancing 

  1. DO NOT: Open any new credit lines. (This includes new credit cards, Car loans/leases, store credit cards, lines of credit, etc.)
  2. DO: Contact us immediately if you wish to open a new credit line so that we may make sure you are not hurting your prequalification by doing so.
  3. DO NOT: Make any transfers / cash deposits above $500 that are not your regular paychecks. Deposits over $500 will need to be documented.
  4. DO: Contact us immediately if you plan on receiving any funds (referred to as a gift) before you deposit the money into your account. Cash deposits must be deposited in a very specific manner for underwriting purposes. Please contact us so that we may instruct you on how to get these funds into your bank account appropriately.
  5. DO NOT: Have gift donors deposit or transfer any funds into your bank account without speaking with us first.
  6. DO: Make sure gift funds are available in your gift donors bank account at the time of application.

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